129: News, Glorious News!

What’s going on? We’re reflecting on MLK day, recent political news, and upcoming elections. But first we’ll recap the weekend Nina spent with RuPaul girls Peppermint and Raven and a bunch of news about LGBTQ stuff for kids. Plus, big announcements about what’s next for Nina.

Also in this episode: So You Think You Can Do Drag, Kiss My Biscuits Drag Brunch, Chelsea Pearl, Chelsea Manning, George by Alex Gino, Queer Kid Stuff, Gays with Kids, parenting, Pleasure Guild of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The little Mermaid, Ursula, Delores O’riordan, The Cranberries, the 90s, voting, and more!


Gays With Kids

George Protest

Chelsea Pearl Drag Brunch Reservations

Author: Drag Cast

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