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Buy 10 Spotify Playlist Placements

Become the best, and share your music with thousands of fans! Stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to be different.

A Premium Hip Hop Spotify playlist with over 10k followers will feature your track!

  • New listeners
  • Enhancing your own artist’s Spotify rating
  • 10k-80k monetizable streams

Note: Some streams will be designated as “Other listeners’ playlists” by Spotify

30-50% of the plays will be set off as Directly Playlists.

Since we are one of the most reputable electronic music promotion services in the market, we are able to deal with songs from other genres as well.

You will receive all proof of delivery (URLs or screenshots) by email.

Although the number of streams and listening users can vary significantly, this program ensures you streams with high conversion and coverage. As a result, your tracks will also rank higher on Spotify.

Delivery time: 45-60 days.

Promote your music with professional streaming promotion services. Buy Spotify playlist placements and receive free streams of your tracks throughout the day. We help artists gain access to streaming platforms playlists, and increase their reach. To gain more attention for labels and artists, we break certain genres down into relevant playlists.


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