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Buy 1000 Deezer Plays


Buy 1000 Deezer plays for your tracks to boost your artistic journey. The plays qualify for Royalty Payouts. Buy extra plays to increase your exposure.

Deezer has grown from a small start-up to one of the most popular and competitive streaming platforms in the music industry.

If you want the world to hear about your music, use streaming sites like Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Tidal. Take over the world of online music!

Note : Please limit one Track/Song per package

Instant delivery.

It is logically impossible for a piece of music to become popular and find an audience if no one plays and Replay it a hundred times. Each of us did it with a song we loved. Things don’t get spicier. Now is the time to buy Deezer plays!

Musicians do not always promote their music on online streams, which gives you a greater chance of finding fans and positioning your music. With Sndchck as a promo service, you can make your music career the best it can be.


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