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Buy Three Deezer Playlist Placements


You have yet another opportunity to dominate the promotion of music streaming. Buy Three Deezer Playlist Placement and feature one of your tracks on Deezer’s network of selected playlists. You’ll get fresh streams every day. Spread the word about your music online and reach new fans!

Your song will be included in the Three Deezer playlist.

100–300 streams per day from a playlist


Enjoy the Following Benefits !!!!

  • 1k–2k monetizable Deezer Music streams from the US and Europe.
  • Organically expanding audience + Deezer Music rating points + Similar tracks ranking
  • Gain new listeners and royalties to stream music.

Feel free to check in daily to see how you feel when the stream count increases (spoiler alert: it makes you really happy!).

Delivery time

  • Proof of placement link: 2 Days.
  • Delivery of streams: 3 to 5 days.

Note: Your order may arrive sooner. You can view Deezer’s growing analytics through your Deezer for Artists account. Instead, please focus on Deezer, a reliable source for musicians, rather than the information provided by your distributors.


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