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Have you released a new track on Soundcloud but are struggling to get plays and followers? Looking for proven ways to get your music heard on one of the largest platforms for emerging artists? Then it may be time to Buy Soundcloud Playlist Placement from Dragcast. it’s worth your money to Purchase Soundcloud Playlist Placement from Dragcast. So let’s get started!

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Advantages of Buying Soundcloud Playlist Placement

Soundcloud playlist promotion involves paying to get your track featured on popular Soundcloud playlists in your genre.

Playlists are hugely influential in helping songs gain more plays, followers, and visibility on Soundcloud. Users regularly browse top playlists to discover new music.

Getting on big playlists (especially official Soundcloud genre playlists) exposes your music to tons of engaged listeners. This can lead to a snowball effect of gaining more followers, reposts, likes, and comments.

However, landing placements on major playlists organically is extremely difficult as an emerging artist. That’s where paid Soundcloud playlist promotion comes in.

You pay playlist curators to feature your song among their tracks. Reputable promotion companies have built relationships with influential curators who promote music to engaged audiences.

Paid placement gets your music heard right away instead of hoping your track gets discovered organically. It’s an essential marketing tool to build momentum on Soundcloud.

Introducing Dragcast

Dragcast is a music promotion company specializing in Soundcloud and Spotify growth services.

They have relationships with 500+ Soundcloud playlists across all popular genres like Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, R&B, Rock, and more.

Many of these are official Soundcloud playlists with 50k+ followers and millions of plays. Dragcast placements provide huge exposure opportunities.

The team leverages connections made from years in the music business. They know how to strategically promote songs to fans most likely to become loyal listeners.

Benefits of Buying Playlist Placements

Here are some of the biggest benefits you get when you BUY Soundcloud Playlist Placement from Dragcast:

1. Gain New Fans from Targeted Audiences

Dragcast places your song on playlists catered to your genre and sound. This helps you get in front of listeners already enjoying music similar to yours.

Strategic targeting makes it easier to convert passive listeners into engaged fans. You gain followers who actively keep up with your new releases.

2. Increase Plays, Followers, Reposts, Likes

Big playlists drive major growth across all Soundcloud metrics:

  • Plays – Popular playlists rack up tons of streams which you benefit from. This helps you reach milestones like 10k, 50k, or 100k plays faster.
  • Followers – Music fans browsing playlists regularly follow artists they discover. More followers means more people hear your tracks.
  • Reposts – Influential users reposting your song shares it with their followers. This spreads it to new audiences.
  • Likes/Comments – Increased plays and follows leads to more user engagement through likes and comments.

3. Improve Soundcloud Algorithm Ranking

Soundcloud’s algorithm recommends songs to listeners based on metrics like plays, reposts, comments, etc.

Gaining numbers in these areas from playlist promotion boosts your ranking. This leads to even more organic discovery beyond just placement plays.

4. Collaborate with Influential Playlists

Dragcast connects you directly with playlists doing big numbers in your niche.

If your song performs well, curators may re-feature it or be open to promoting your future releases.

Forging these relationships can lead to recurring placements and a continued platform to engage new fans.

5. Professional Service From Industry Experts

Dragcast’s experienced team handles everything including:

  • Finding ideal playlists to pitch your song to
  • Negotiating placement deals and pricing
  • Delivering your song stems to curators
  • Securing verified placements fast

You get dedicated support from start to finish instead of pitching playlists yourself.

There’s no need to navigate the complex world of music promotion. Their knowledgeable team takes care of the heavy lifting.

What to Expect From Dragcast

Here’s a preview of what happens when you buy Soundcloud promotion from Dragcast:

Quick and Simple Ordering

Ordering is easy and only takes a few minutes on Dragcast’s website. You’ll fill out details like:

  • Track name and artist name
  • Genre
  • Link to song
  • Preferred number of placements

After checkout, you get immediate order confirmation and a timeline for placement delivery.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’re assigned an account manager who personally handles your promotion.

They search Dragcast’s network to find the best playlists for your song based on genre, audience, and other factors.

Your account manager keeps you updated on pitching progress and verified placements. You can contact them anytime for promotion guidance.

Playlist Placement Within Days

Dragcast leverages their relationships to secure placements quickly.

Most customers get their first confirmed placement within 48 hours of ordering. More keep rolling in over the following days.

You receive real-time updates as each playlist confirmation comes in so you can track progress.

Detailed Reporting

As your song gains plays from placements, Dragcast provides data-driven reports on performance.

You can see which playlists drove the most streams and new followers. And compare how you’re trending over time.

These insights help maximize the impact of your promotion.

Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

At the end of the day – is buying Soundcloud playlist placements from Dragcast worth the investment?

Our verdict is absolutely YES for most artists serious about growth.

While playlist promotion costs money upfront, the potential benefits massively outweigh the costs.

  • The plays, followers, and reposts you gain compound over time as fans continue engaging with your music.
  • Top playlist placements offer short cuts to growth that would take ages organically.
  • You get a professional team optimizing your success instead of struggling alone.
  • The potential to collaborate with playlist curators and build lasting exposure.

We recommend at minimum starting with Dragcast’s starter package. The small spend is worthwhile to gauge the impact of promotions. For established artists with a promotion budget, larger packages amplify results. Additional spend goes further due to Dragcast’s volume discounts. Few other marketing tactics match the ROI offered by strategic playlist promotion with an experienced partner. The proof is in the pudding – Dragcast gets serious results for artists across genres.

Yes! Dragcast guarantees the number of placements stated in each package. Their account managers won’t stop pitching until all confirmed placements are secured.

Unfortunately you can’t pick individual playlists. Dragcast hand selects placements based on optimizing results for your song. Their experts know the playlists that will drive the most engaged streams.

There’s no set time limit – it’s up to each curator. Many leave songs for weeks or months if they continue getting engagement. Dragcast’s relationships lead to longer stays.

We don’t recommend only buying plays or followers. Playlist placements drive real streams and followers from actual fans. Fake numbers won’t convert or move the needle.

Dragcast offers a 14-day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the promotion results for any reason, they’ll issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how we work? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is designed to answer your most pressing questions immediately. Our FAQ covers everything from understanding how our promotional campaigns work to payment security and customization. With sndchck, you’ll experience a seamless music journey, even though we know the music industry can be complex. We are always available to provide personalized assistance if you cannot find the answer you’re looking for.

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